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With proper training, love, and affection, Pit Bulls are readily "Man's Best Friend."

We're celebrating hugga-bull, lovea-bull Pit Bulls at all Humane Society of Missouri Adoption Centers!

  • Knowledgable adoption counselors and volunteers are on hand to answer questions and share the "irresist-a-bull" traits of the often misunderstood pit bull.

  • Adopt a pit bull or pit bull mix age six months and older for just $50!

These kiss-a-bull, honor-a-bull pit bulls have all received:

  • spay/neuter surgery,
  • vaccinations,
  • microchip identification,
  • initial Frontline flea treatment and HeartGard heartworm preventative,
  • temporary collar and tag,
  • and of course, tons of TLC from HSMO staff.

View adoptable dogs and visit an HSMO Adoption Center to find your new best bully buddy!
Adoption fee does not include $10 rabies tag fee.


Come on down to all Humane Society of Missouri locations and choose your adoption fee (minimum $35) for cats six months of age and older!

Each of our adoptable cats has received extra TLC, been examined by trained professionals for good health and temperament and socialized by Humane Society of Missouri staff and volunteers.

It costs the Humane Society of Missouri nearly $260 to care for each lucky cat in our shelters! Your donation of any amount helps cover the cost of their care.

Your new kitty comes with all kinds of goodies, such as:

 Spay/Neuter Surgery  $100
 Necessary Vaccinations  $45
 Microchip  $25
 Initial Flea Treatment  $10
Feline Leukemia Test $15
Sheltering Costs $60
Temporary tag/collar $5
Extra TLC from our staff Priceless

For more information, visit a Humane Society of Missouri adoption center or email

View our adoptable cats and visit an HSMO location to find your purrrfect match!

*Adoption fee does not include $10 rabies tag fee.
Costs of care represented are approximate and include staff/veterinary time. Actual cost to HSMO may be less or more, depending on length of time an animal stays with us, medical issues, or other factors.

Thursday is Now "Purrs-day!": 

Ready to adopt one of our fabulous fluffy felines? Stop in every Thursday for fee-waived* adoptions for kitties age six months and older!

*$10 rabies tag fee per cat not included.

View our adoptable cats and visit an HSMO location to find your purrrfect match!

Adoption Savings for Seniors: 

Having a pet offers new ways to enjoy this stage of your life, and can even make you feel younger! The world is becoming more pet-friendly every day, and pets can help make your lifestyle healthier. They can change your outlook on life, bring families together, or even help us get to know our neighbors. 

On Wednesdays, the Humane Society offers $20 off the adoption fee for adopters 65 years of age and older.