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Animal Surrendering

Pets are surrendered to the Humane Society of Missouri for housebreaking issues, allergies, financial concerns and behavior problems, just to name a few. We understand that you may feel like there is no other option when surrendering your animal.

Please consider these alternatives before bringing your pet to us. However, we do understand that there are times when keeping a pet is simply not possible.

If you are thinking about surrendering your dog, cat or other companion animal, please first consider utilizing the following resources:

  • Do you need some "pet-parenting" advice? Visit our Pet Resources page to view numerous handouts that were put together by the Humane Society of Missouri's trained and certified behavior specialists. Get answers to common issues both cat and dog owners encounter like aggression, chewing, excessive energy, litterbox issues and more.
  • Moving? Find pet-friendly apartments-Finding "pet friendly" apartments can take a little more time, but today there are many options for people with pets. Try visiting one of many websites tailored to the needs of pet owners, such as, which save you time by allowing you to search for "pet friendly" apartments in various communities, in your target price range, with the amenities you specify.

Owned animal surrenders: Please call first for space availability. Please allow at least 30 minutes for the intake process, more if there is a line. Please be prepared to provide as much information as possible regarding the animal including vaccinations, spay/neuter status, behavior, training, likes and dislikes, and other information that might help the Humane Society of Missouri rehome your pet appropriately.

Surrender fee request:
      Individual animal: NO FEE. Please consider making a donation to help us care for the many animals in our shelters.
      Kittens or puppies 4 months of age and younger: NO FEE

Stray animal surrenders: If you find a stray, please make every effort to bring him or her to the local animal control for the area in which you found the animal. This will help ensure the best possible chance of the pet being reunited with his or her owner who may already be calling or visiting that shelter.

Placement: The Humane Society of Missouri makes every effort to place healthy, friendly animals in new, loving homes. However, we cannot guarantee rehoming of your surrendered pet. The placement of an individual dog, cat or other animal for adoption at our adoption centers is based on an evaluation of his or her health and temperament. Once we place an animal up for adoption, there is no time limit in which he or she can remain up for adoption.

Making your pet as adoptable as possible: Unsterilized pets are more likely to be surrendered due to related health or behavior (aggression, marking, roaming, etc.) reasons, or because they produce "unwanted" litters. The Humane Society of Missouri's Animal Medical Center of Mid-America offers low-cost spay/neuter programs.

The pet overpopulation problem: An estimated 3-4 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in our country. Because there are more unwanted pets than available homes, each new litter of puppies, kittens, rabbits or other animals leads to the euthanasia of animals already waiting patiently for new homes. Please spay or neuter your animals. Learn more about our low-cost spay/neuter programs.