Breed Interest E-mail Notification
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Breed Interest E-mail Notification

Yearning for a Yorkie? Pining for a Persian?


The Humane Society of Missouri's computer program offers a service to search for dogs and cats BY BREED - be it your own lost pet or your potential new pet. Once you register your Breed Interest, you will receive an e-mail if and when that breed becomes available at the Humane Society of Missouri.

How to use Breed Interest e-mail notification service:

  1. Search Adoptable Pet Photos.
  2. Run an initial search for the pet; the option then appears at the bottom of the page with photos to “Register Your Breed Interest.”
  3. Enroll in the breed interest service.
  4. IMPORTANT: Please ACTIVATE your request by following the instructions in the first e-mail you receive. This "double opt-in" protocol was established to fight spam.

The Breed Interest notification service is valid for 30 days. After 30 days, clients must re-submit their breed requests.

Note: Please do not rely on Breed Interest e-mail service as your sole source for finding your pet because breeds can sometimes be misidentified as other similar breeds. The best way to find your missing pet or to adopt your new pet is to visit the Humane Society of Missouri's adoption centers and meet the animals in person.