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Puppy Partners


Has a passel of puppies taken over your home and life?

We can help! We work with you to help keep your puppies healthy and happy until they are ready for adoption. We will provide free of charge:

  • high quality puppy food
  • vaccinations
  • medical support

for puppies accepted into our Puppy Partner Program. We will also arrange to have the mother spayed at a very low cost. You will never have to lose sleep over the thought of too many puppies again! Together, we will provide the best opportunity for your puppies to find their new home.

Join us as a Puppy Partner and help ensure that your puppies find a great, new forever home! 

To download the Puppy Partners form click here. For more information, contact Julia Kelley at 314-951-1500 or email puppypartners@hsmo.org