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Become a Volunteer!

Humane Society of Missouri volunteers help fulfill the organization’s mission to provide a second chance for animals that have been abused, neglected or abandoned.

Our volunteers are committed to furthering that mission by supporting our staff, programs and events dedicated to providing humane treatment, improved quality of life and placement into forever homes for the animals in our care.

Is volunteering at the Humane Society of Missouri right for you? We hope so!
We have a variety of opportunities based on your availability, interest and skills. Check out all the information below about our different programs to find your purrfect place to volunteer.

 Opportunities by Location:  Explore Positions:  OR Explore other Opportunities:

The Humane Society of Missouri strives to be environmentally friendly and primarily utilizes electronic communications and online training. If you are not able to proceed with our online applications, please call 314.951.1577 for assistance.